Monday, August 10, 2015

Inanna by Annie Finch

A young goddess, full of love, fresh with the touch of a husband, 

carrying power and rich with anger, strength, urgency, understanding, 
follows the direction her ear has led her, down to the place where 
the underworld glistens. 

At each door she removes a jewel, a belt, a ceremonial robe. 
At each door, she is less and more. She bows down through the seventh door. 
The young goddess is dead, and waiting. The young goddess is dead. 
A goddess goes down, and I can see her. She needs to go, decides
to go.

A goddess goes down, and I can hear her.

-Annie Finch, Why Goddess Feminism, Activism and Spirituality?

Art by Lucy Pierce


  1. I know this story ... it was after an Inanna workshop retreat that I went down: I was fortunate, my life fell apart, She heard my call ... so that I could re-create myself - and Her with me. Hello Annie Finch - must be a sister. thanks and to Trista.

  2. Dear Pagaian, Yes that is exactly it. Love and blessings, Annie