Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why Female Spirituality by Marie De Kock

To me it is abundantly obvious WHY. If the man-made world is allowed to continue to mine, rape, destroy and interfere with everything natural, well… everything Natural will become extinct. We live in a world where our connection with our natural Mother Earth and our connection with our own magical nature has become virtually nonexistent. 

If female spirituality will help us to reconnect to our natural cycles and the cycles of Nature with respect and love, it will serve us and it will serve our Mother Earth. If female spirituality is going to educate us about our true multidimensional spiritual nature; teaching us how to direct our consciousness and creative force with clarity in order to create a new reality, it will definitely serve the evolution of humanity. 

It is my sincere hope that female spirituality and feminism will awaken us to our own divine, essentially feminine creative power; because that knowledge is still veiled. Due to the fact that we have lost our initiation rituals, we are not consciously employing our womb wisdom. On the contrary, for the past few thousands of years it is more a case of our wombs having been employed. 

The energetic truth of our womb wisdom will not be recovered amongst ruins of ancient civilizations or in religious scriptures. The crones were the ones with the knowledge. The crones did not teach some system of servitude or worship from books. They used creative dreaming from within their wombs. Women dreamt lucidly together. With their initiation rites they guided virgins into inner silence in order to perceive energy, to perceive the vibrational reality from their wombs. From there the cosmic womb wisdom unfolds: How to dream awake solutions for the well being of All comes from with in us, naturally; Women understand perfectly well that the wellbeing of our environment is necessary for our offspring to thrive. And when we are in our natural, relaxed, blissful state, we naturally create a reality of well being for All. That is women’s natural being. 

I ask the reader to put her left hand on her belly and spiral her consciousness into her womb with her inhalation as she continues reading. I would like the reader to perceive and validate the information with her womb. 

Womanhood is more than motherhood, womanhood is Creation: Spinning sphere encompassing another and another in the orgasmic ocean that nurtures all expansion… dreamy womb within a dreamy Womb within a Dreamy Womb becoming conscious of its own orgasmic being… that is what creation within the All containing Cosmic Womb is…
And within your spinning spherical aura – contained within the spinning sphere of Gaia, you contain a replica; your womb that can dream another being into dreaming… another dream into being… I sincerely hope that female spirituality will make women aware of the fact that we are replicas of Source/goddess/Mago; that we are capable of creating our realities with the same divine feminine , creative intelligence that facilitates the miraculous development of a fetus. We truly have the capacity, but a mere intellectual understanding of these words will not serve us, we must learn how to connect to our creative force with our core intentions consciously, infused with the ‘free energy’ of implosive orgasms.

It has been ingrained in our consciousness that sexuality and spirituality are separate issues. But this is the womb wisdom that we have lost: we need to understand that deeply satisfying meditative, sacred sex, self-cultivated or with partner, connects us to the force that creates the universe, and we can employ that force. 

Please breathe deeply into your womb as you connect with your womb wisdom: On the intentional dimension of your inner being, there is a vortex spinning within your womb, just like the spinning vortex inside Mother Earth. Due to the centrifugal, cohesive force of the vortex, the still point, or your core, is your vibrational point of intention and attraction and perception and creation. Inside the still point, your core intention continuously attracts a response from the binding universal law of attraction; and so a spiritual ‘placenta of wisdom’ accumulates and refines itself, much like the golden yolk of an egg. 

That is what your core or dreaming body is; your accumulated Spiritual Intent on the fifth dimension; You, as a continuous dream of our Cosmic Womb: Your Kore is your Maiden of female spirituality. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that your Kore is lovingly protected and nurtured just like a fetus. 

When you consciously draw up your aroused Kundalini from Mother Earth, through your yoni, into your vortex, with an implosive orgasm, your Kore is infused with bliss; your aroused and rising Kundalini infuses your Kore Intention. And the Universal Law of Attraction responds to the bliss; realizing your dreams and wishes…blissfully for the well being of all. 

If you draw the ecstatic bliss up further, into the center of your heart where your Flower of Life connects you to the Heart of Mother Earth, you experience supreme bliss. When the unconditional love overflows your heart and expands outward, it looks like wings. You become one with the unconditional love frequency of Mother Earth. If you draw the ecstatic bliss up further into the center of your brain, the pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glands open up like a violet crown. Like the Earth at Solstice, you become open and receptive to the vertical column of Light that pours through the Sun – down into your open crown, heart and womb. The alchemized, intertwined energies from your Kore and Kundalini plus the Earth and Sun, rising up your spinal column, awaken your dormant, most profound womb wisdom. Then you are in a perpetual state of dreaming awake. The alignment of your divinely intelligent, creative epicenters, or still points, also called ‘lotuses’, ushers you into the totality of your Feminine Essence. The lotuses of the womb, heart and crown yield unconditional nurture, love and wisdom. 

Your Kundalini energy has the ability to vibrate on any frequency that She wants, and indeed, She is present in every dimension. That is why the Goddess has so many names to describe Her attributes. When you consciously merge your Kundalini with your Kore intention and those combined, intertwined forces rise through the frequencies of the rainbow, the bliss enlightens the kundalini chakras with liquid light; activating all the endocrine glands in a positive manner in order to broadcast your happiest hormonal frequency to the universe – She changes everything She touches, and everything She touches, changes. 

So your sexual pleasure does not yield procreative life force alone; the hormonal frequencies are also purifying, regenerative, healing, nourishing and enlightening. Not only do your bodies benefit immediately, but you must remember that you broadcast these rainbow frequencies into your environment, and the Universal Law of attraction responds accordingly. Wellbeing is the original purpose of sexual union - apart from creating life. 

As women, ecstatic bliss is our natural birth right: We can transform and rebirth our world orgasmically. This is our essentially feminine, magical, creative power: This is our Feminine Essence. 

Long, long ago, when we All still called the Earth our Mother, when our wombs were still pure, our hearts open and our consciousness still clear, we were able to birth our own daughters – our awakened dreaming bodies, or Kores, unfolding from our ecstatic bliss. Long ago bliss-making was practiced as a sacred art, to the deep sexual/spiritual satisfaction of both men and women, and to tremendous benefit of our species. Not only did couples use their creative force for their own regeneration; they also gave life to children with fully activated rainbow chakras, fully activated endocrine systems - all of their DNA codes were fired up. Consciousness expanded generation upon generation. This is where the love should go; creating ecstatic bliss for the expansion of consciousness inside the physical body: the divine purpose of love-making. 

Sadly though, most of us hardly ever experience pure bliss, thus reducing us to ignorant one dimensional beings – meaning that the majority of us are only aware of the physical dimension of our being. This impoverished state of consciousness keeps humanity trapped so that we remain unaware of how our creative force could be utilized for expansion, and resulting evolution. 

Our womb wisdom has been veiled from us for the very specific reason of dominating and abusing the divine feminine in nature as well as our bodies. The environmental crisis is our female spiritual crises. The health crisis is our female spiritual crises. The financial crisis that the majority of women find themselves in, is our female spiritual crises. We are not utilizing our essentially feminine, creative abilities activated by implosive orgasm, because we are not initiated by wise crones who can perceive energy. 

Most disturbingly, we are also not told that men tap into our core energy, because only impeccably free, unsocialized crones who truly perceive energy would initiate us into that wisdom. Do you know about the energetic hooks in your womb and the cords receiving your core energy? Most women are ignorant regarding the draining consequences of sex; more disturbingly so, of sexual abuse – all the grey shades of sex lacking the loving objective of pleasing women… 

When a woman conceives, her intentional energy from her core pours into the placenta of the fetus. In a way, the mother dreams the new life form into being; intending it from the formless into form. Although the umbilical cord needs to be cut on the physical dimension at birth, a golden energetic cord from the core of the mother to the umbilical region of her child remains for life, until the mother passes into Light. So, some of her creative feminine essence continues to flow to her child on other dimensions. 

The father does not have a direct energetic connection with his children. But he has a permanent energetic connection to the womb of the mother, so he can recognize his offspring on the energetic level. It should ensure that men take responsibility for their children. 

This energetic cord attaches itself to the core inside the womb on the 5th dimension at the moment of male ejaculation, whether the woman conceives or not, and whether she has an orgasm or not. And the cord remains there, tapping into her nutritious core essence, in the same manner that her children do. 

The energy only flows in one direction because it can only come from the vortex of the womb. One would assume that this energetic connection would make men loyal, loving husbands for life. And so it often does. Unfortunately this can also be the motivation behind infidelity and promiscuity. There is energy to be gained… very special energy indeed; Energy that men can only get from the umbilical core of their mothers and from the core of their female sexual partners. 

This is definitely the underlying reason why virgin brides are so sought after; the first energetic cord inside the womb receives the best frequency of the plasmic core energy – the crème de la crème, so to speak. 

Only one ejaculation is necessary to make the energetic connection. The cord remains active, whether sexual relations continue or not. This is the hideous, subconscious motivation behind rape, and more so, rape during war, where the collective womb of the enemy becomes the ‘invaded, conquered territory’. 

When a woman has sex with another man all the cords in her womb receive a jolt of new energy. The energy is redistributed so that all the cords receive their share. Of course, males don’t want to compete with other males inside the womb. Although these energetic connections occur on the 5th dimension, and therefore unconsciously for most of us, men sense the presence of other male cords. Some don’t even want competition from children, especially children from other males. 

Women’s sense of worthlessness in this world comes from being tapped at core intentional level, our willpower to fulfill our own dreams is exactly what we give away on the energetic level, and consequently on all other levels, including the financial level. Women experience a peculiar type of energy loss if they don’t have implosive orgasms to rejuvenate them. Normal sex, with explosive orgasms, or none at all, leads to further loss of our intentional, core creative energy. 

Promiscuity simply does not serve women. With more cords in our wombs we lose clarity about our vocation and our will power to pursue our prosperous, purposeful paths. Our core is like our pot of gold at the end of our rainbow, we should guard it carefully.
Clearly, young women should receive this information so that they can make informed choices about their sexual activity and their futures. Of course, the creative, ‘magical’ power of a fully initiated and trained virgin is unrivalled. 

Please understand that these energetic connections are powerful and have to be severed on the intentional, hormonal, emotional and energetic levels. The shedding of our moon blood presents a beautiful opportunity for communion with Mother Earth, but it does not eliminate the cords attached to our core on the 5th dimension. But these energetic connections can be severed successfully with a little diligence. There are ancient, matriarchal therapeutic practices to get rid of the unwanted male hooks and cords. 

Obviously survivors of sexual abuse benefit tremendously when they remove the hooks and cords of the men who had raped or abused them. 

It is impossible to sever the umbilical energetic cords connecting mothers to their children. We do this work because we want to regain our feminine dignity, power, and our joyful love-making. We do this work out of respect for our beautiful sensuality and our ever embracing receptivity. Along with increased energy and enthusiasm for life, the ability to enjoy real nurturing sex increases. In that way, we give our current relationships a better chance to survive. So it is really worth our while to clear our wombs of all sexual cords from our past. 

We can also get rid of the repetitive trains of thought and feelings that upset us over and over again; Women are particularly well equipped to transform thoughts and feelings with our superior powers of visualization. 

Please try to grasp what womanhood really means. We are the creators of our own realities. We have the capacity to spiral through the dimensions. Our core of intention and attraction and creation is hidden inside our sacred wombs; we can trust our womb wisdom. Our physical bodies are miraculous, highly focused vehicles of the feminine spirit. It’s vortex upon vortex opening up into other dimensions. And this dimension exists so that we can joyfully touch and feel and sense and smell and taste and hear and see the magnificence of it all in 3D, simultaneously sync with all the other dimensional states. 

Consciously breathe in your totality; the delicious mystery of it all. 

Our ecstatic joy opens the doors to infinity. That is the function of bliss, that is the function of sacred sex, please let us grasp the liberation within our bliss; Learn to focus on it. Learn to savor it; We must get rid of the socialized shame of pleasuring our bodies. Our natural bodies are magical tools to share with our loyal lovers, the ones worthy of our sexual refinement, if they are impeccable in their intent to please us properly – only then are they able to follow us, that’s why they should bow with gratitude, with their heads in our laps.
I sincerely hope that female spirituality will help us reclaim our sense of self worth, we ARE the bird women, we ARE the wise archetypes, we ARE the maidens, mothers and crones. The butterflies are screaming in our wombs, let them fly! For Gaia’s sake let us liberate our wombs. Paradise was never lost, we have just forgotten because we have been giving our feminine essence away too freely, without replenishing it with bliss. And then we look for love desperately, outside of ourselves, and get lost. 

Women actually need to learn how to feel deserving; how to receive unconditionally, happily allowing delicious, enriching experiences to come to us. We actually need to cultivate feeling good about ourselves; it is the first step towards unconditional love for ourselves and specifically for our amazing, multi-dimensional bodies. We need to learn how to feel worthy, deserving; never mind “good enough”. We should feel fabulous about ourselves in order to thrive.

It can only come from the Kore intention within every woman. And the one and only motivation that will stand the test of time and temptation, is our unconditional love for our sacred feminine self and our sacred feminine bodies. Unconditional self love implies that we see ourselves as utterly unique individuals with unique intentions for our own lives – therefore it is an absolute travesty to compare our self, any aspect of our self or our body or our possessions or our achievements with anybody else. Comparison leads to competition leads to our disempowerment and finally, devolution. When feminine forces start competing it gets really nasty - right now we are witnessing the consequences of a mighty, thousands of years-old power struggle like that. 

Collectively women are feeling the call to access their true wisdom again. That is why female spirituality and feminist issues have become so important to us. Our natural gift, the Divine Feminine Essence is still waiting there, for every woman to discover. And the time is now. And the journey is profoundly deep within, into the deepest dimensions of Silent Knowledge, inside the Kore of our wombs where a natural butterfly is screaming in fear of extinction. 

-Marie De Kock, She Rises: Why Goddess Feminism, Spirituality and Activism?


  1. Thank you for the interesting article. I have an important question. I read that the energetical hooks from male sexual partenrs can be cleaned by abstaining from sex for 7 years. Is that one whay of cleaning them? What are other ways to do so?

    1. Yes, Boba, the information about 7 years of abstinence is correct. The hooks can also be removed with transformative techniques such as Recapitualtion, Therapeutic G-spot massage and Chi Kung visualization. My book, "Heal Your Feminine Essence; A Transformative Journey Within; for Women who Wish to be Free" offers a Comprehensive Self-Help Womb Purification and Liberation Program in order to equip women who want to heal with powerful, positive tools for transformation.
      You can read more about the healing program on my webpage:!healingprogram/cnec or you can get the book on Kindle for $9.00

  2. Thank you so much for confirming the 7 year option. I would love to find out more. Thank you for the additinal info.