Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ing’s Ride by Ingrid Andrew

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

I am Ingrid. 
I am Ing’s ride. 
I ride the chariots of Spring. 
I scatter petals in my wake; 
and gather birds, and throw them on the wing.

I am the herald of the growing light. 
I am the waker of the seeds; 
I am the heart of life on earth. 
I ride the fields and surf the wild and gentle winds. 
I blow the beauty of the earth into your eyes; 
I plant the seeds of beauty in your heart, 
I give these seeds a name, 
I call them yearning; 
I am here at the worlds turning, turning. 
Longing is what I call these seeds, 
I love the wild flowers and the weeds. 
I am the fierce and fertile mother, of all the universe I am one 

I am Ing’s ride, 
I am the harbinger of Spring; I ride the chariots of Spring.

And when mans reign is over with and done; 
in some far future millennium,

I will arise again in a sweet breeze and scatter petals through the trees, 
and gently wake the sleeping seeds, 
for I am Ing’s ride,
 I am Ingrid;

I ride the chariots of Spring.

-Ingrid Andrew, a selection from She Rises: Why Goddess Feminism, Activism and Spirituality?

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