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Sorry, PROMISCUITY doesn’t PAY by Marie de Kock

Dear Sisters, this is not a moral judgment, but unfortunately it is an energetic fact. Our womb wealth has been veiled from us for the very specific reason of utilizing and employing our feminine creative force - our bodies, and our Mother Earth, for other’s enrichment. The financial crisis of inequality that the majority of women currently find themselves in, is our female spiritual/sexual crises. The environmental crisis is our female spiritual/sexual crises.

Like our Mother Earth who has been mined, our wombs have also been mined for our golden, feminine spiritual placenta. It is interesting that in astrology, the ruler of the second house is Venus, the planet of sexual pleasure, beauty and harmony in opposition to the eight house of other people’s resources, ruled by Pluto, lord of the underworld. The second house is the place of wealth, material possessions, ownership of land and property, and most importantly; Our sense of self worth. 

What is the message the myth of Persephone’s rape and abduction into the Underworld? Persephone is also called Kore. What happens to our golden inner core inside the vortex of our wombs during sex? What drags our creative power down the open root chakra into darkness, instead of up into the heart, where the energy opens up like a flower, further up, into the pineal where it bears the spiritual fruit of wisdom? Some astrologists call the seventh house, also ruled by Venus, the house of the other Self, or the fifth dimensional liquid light body – our golden maiden. And it is Demeter, our Earth Mother who mourns the loss of her daughter – her Kore, so much that the environment suffers. For the sake of our material well being and the sake of the well being of our environment, we truly need to become aware of our inner wealth that we give away so freely. 

Women’s sense of worthlessness in this man-made world comes from being tapped at core intentional level. Our intentions or willpower to fulfill our own dreams is exactly what we give away on the energetic level when we do not experience implosive orgasms during sex; consequently we lose our energy on all other levels, including the financial level. 

I prefer talking about the material level; because a woman who is consciously connected to her core in the vortex of her womb, is automatically connected to the core of Mother Earth. Her will is one with the divine will of Gaia, her vortex receives the same constant nurture and protection. Thus her material wellbeing is ensured. Her security is rooted in the material well being that Gaia intends and bestows upon all of Her children.

More so, when a woman is consciously connected to her Kore, she becomes aware of the fact that her hara line shoots up into the core of the sun, the still point and golden inner child of our solar system. Her purpose for this third dimensional life is illuminated. If her womb is clear, she will have a clear vision of her path. Supported by Gaia and guided by the sun, she feels worthy and therefore expectant and receptive of wellbeing on the material, energetic, emotional, mental and physical levels. 

When we draw up our aroused Kundalini into the vortex of our womb with an implosive orgasm, our Kore is infused with bliss and the Universal Law of Attraction responds. Our aroused Kundalini blissfully infuses our centrifugal Kore of intention, attraction, perception and creation. This is our essentially feminine, magical, creative power; this is our Feminine Essence.

But, at the moment of male explosive ejaculation an energetic cord attaches itself to the Kore inside the womb with a hook on the 5th dimension, whether the woman conceives or not, and whether she has an orgasm or not. Sacred sex, where both partners experience implosive orgasms, creates a completely different dynamic of well being. But with ejaculation the male hook and cord taps into the feminine nutritious Kore essence, or spiritual placenta, in the same manner that children do. The energy only flows in one direction because it can only come from the vortex of the womb.

One would assume that this energetic connection would make men loyal, loving husbands for life. And so it often does. Unfortunately this can also be the motivation behind infidelity. There is energy to be gained… very special energy indeed; Energy that men can only get from the umbilical core of their mothers and from the core of their female sexual partners.

When a woman has sex with another man all the cords in her womb receive a jolt of new energy. The energy is redistributed so that all the cords receive their share. Only one ejaculation is necessary to make the energetic connection. The cord remains active, whether sexual relations continue or not.

There are ancient, matriarchal therapeutic practices to get rid of the unwanted male hooks and cords. This is a part of the secret knowledge that we lost when we lost our wise women. The solitary practitioners, the crones who had chosen celibacy, were the ones who could see these hooks and cords and dark patches in the umbilical zone of the body. Their vision was clear. 

The crones were the ones who guided circles of women into the 5th dimension to purify their wombs during the new moon rituals. These rituals are loaded with practical purpose. As soon as you can see energy, the purpose of female spirituality practices becomes obvious. It is about protecting and purifying and nourishing our Kore, our feminine spirit, so that we can intend our best dreams and wishes into reality at the time of full moon and ovulation. We create our own realities on the intentional level and then we manifest those realities after a period of gestation, with the same divine creative intelligent force that we give birth to children. 

Clearly, young women should receive this information so that they can make informed choices about their sexual activity for the sake of their own futures. Of course, the creative, ‘magical’ power of an initiated virgin is unrivalled. She should be aware of her power; she should be utilizing it to create the magnificent, bright future for herself that she is perfectly capable of doing on her own. 

Usually her mother and her society is telling her that her security lies in the strong arms of a man – perhaps not in those exact words, but the subliminal message is still EVERYWHERE. On the contrary, the potential energetic reality is a mysterious, mystical experience gestating inside her virgin womb, silently waiting to unfold. 

Our rebellion into free love during the sixties - mainly due to the liberation that the contraceptive pill provided for us, most certainly helped us to celebrate our sexuality freely again, instead of being sadly ashamed of it. Well, to some extent, for some women. 

But unfortunately promiscuity simply does not serve women. With several hungry cords in our wombs we lose clarity about our vocation and we lose our will power to pursue our own prosperous, purposeful paths. Our core is like our pot of gold at the end of our Kundalini-chakra rainbow, we should guard it carefully. 

Women actually need to learn how to feel worthy again; how to receive unconditionally with an open heart, happily allowing abundant, delicious, enriching experiences to come to us. We actually need to cultivate feeling good about ourselves; it is the first step towards unconditional love for our amazing, multi-dimensional bodies. We need to cultivate a deep confidence in our core Selves, we need to practice feeling 100% deserving; never mind “good enough”. We should feel fabulous about ourselves! Then we will thrive. 

It is really worth our while to clear our wombs of all sexual cords from our past. In that way, we reap the material, emotional and spiritual benefits of our feminine essence which is our birthright. Along with increased energy and enthusiasm for life, the ability to enjoy real nurturing sex increases. So we also give our current relationships a better chance to be fulfilling, deeply satisfying sexual/spiritual partnerships. 

As our Kore is consciously replenished and nurtured with implosive orgasms, self cultivated or enjoyed with our partners, the magical, creative power of our feminine essence awakens… our womb wealth of wisdom as well as material wealth unfolds. And the universal law of attraction responds… 

Do you understand that your womb is the most valuable, wanted purse in the whole wide world? Delve into it for your own material well being first!

Marie de Kock
Author, Female Spirituality Coach
Reiki Master

Taken from my book “Heal your Feminine Essence: A Transformative Journey Within. For Women who Wish to be Free."

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