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Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, or Spirituality? by Mary Saracino

I believe in the primacy of women—females are the great Cosmic womb from which all life flows. I believe in the Dark Mother’s values of sharing, caring, equality, cooperation, and transformation—values that all humans carry in our DNA (if only we would listen). I believe that war is evil and that Love is essential. Not romantic love (although that can be lovely, too), but Love as in empathy, compassion, connection, and the understanding that humans and plants and animals and the sky, the oceans, the very air we breathe are all interconnected. Feminist/Goddess spirituality upholds those values. That’s why Goddess matters. 

In the beginning God was Female—literally and metaphorically. And every woman, every man knows that deep inside. We all share the same cosmic reality of being created in our mother’s womb. That first, primal memory is imprinted on our souls. We emerge from the birth canal seeking our mother’s touch and her life-giving milk. Connection. Nurturance. These are holy. These are strong and vital. These sustain us all.

One only has to read the symbols to know that the female body is powerful, life-giving and sustaining—pubic Vs on ancient cave walls, rock surfaces. Bones painted ochre red then buried in the arms of the Earth. Menstrual blood as sacred alchemy. Menhirs as guardian sentinels. Cupmarks in ancient stones, collecting rain, Mother Earth’s life-sustaining milk. Springs and caves and ancient wells. Trees and birds, serpents and eggs. All give witness to the primacy of birth, life, death and regeneration.  

That’s why Goddess matters.

I believe we are co-creators of this thing we call Reality—that it matters how well we love and honor ourselves, other humans, other creatures. This is the heart and soul, the very body of Goddess. 

As the seasons cycle around the wheel of the year, so too do we all cycle around the wheel of Her. Mother Earth. Mother Nature. Mother Soul. Motherhood.

We are all inter-connected. Loved. Honored. Blessed. Embodied. Each and every one of us—human and non-human alike. Everything is birthed from Her and everything returns to Her. The body is as sacred as the mind; humans have forgotten that—at our peril.

I believe that women and girls matter—as much as men and boys do. But somehow, the world has forgotten that. Goddess matters because humankind is killing us and our beloved planet with isms—racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, ableism, nationalism, patriotism—and all the many other ways humans have invented to divide and conquer, pillage and plunder, rape and kill one other.

As a species, we have forgotten where we come from. We have lost our way. We need to come home. We need to stop the hate, the bigotry, the fear, the perpetual violence that keeps us imprisoned in the wrong kind of cycle.

That’s why Goddess matters.

by Mary Saracino

Mary Saracino’s most recent novel, Heretics: A Love Story, was published by Pearlsong Press in 2014 ( ). Mary is also part of the editorial circle for the e-zine, Return to Mago (


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