Monday, March 16, 2015

God is Male: A pretty entrenched error.

“Wherever repression of female sexuality, and of the female sex, exists—and, at the present writing, this is everywhere on earth—we find the same underlying assumptions. These are ontological assumptions—assumptions made at the very root of things, about the nature of life itself. They are (1) that the world was created by a male deity figure, or God; (2) that existing world orders, or cultures, were made by and for men, with God’s sanction; (3) that females are an auxiliary sex, who exist to serve and populate these male world orders; (4) that autonomous female sexuality poses a wild and lethal threat to these world orders, and therefore must be controlled and repressed; and finally (5) that God’s existence as a male sanctions this repression. The prefect circulatory, or tautology, of these assumptions only helps to bind them more securely around the human psyche. That they are as erroneous as they are universal seems to pose no problem to their upholders. After all, wherever we go on earth, every intact institution—religious, legal, governmental, economic, military, communications and customs—is built on the solid slab of their assumptions. And that’s a pretty entrenched error.” –Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor, The Great Cosmic Mother

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