Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak - a new Girl God Anthology.

Whatever Works is a unique collection of writing by feminists of diverse faiths from around the world. This anthology combines personal essays, poems and academic musings with the goal of sparking conversations among women of all faith backgrounds. Religion plays a key role in defining and maintaining value systems, and yet it is often disregarded within feminism itself.
This book shares the stories of highly diverse women with the hope that we can find collective solutions to the global problems that plague women and girls living under patriarchy.

Edited by Trista Hendren and Patricia Daly with Preface by Dr. Amina Wadud

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Table of Contents:

Dr. Amina Wadud


Trista Hendren

Goddess Spirituality as Liberation Thealogy
Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

Every Altar Girl The Catholic Church Turns Away is a Gift to The Rest of the World
Soraya Chemaly

As A Muslim Feminist
Shehnaz Haqqani

The Goddess Movement: A Global Awakening
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Seeking Sophia: How a Christian Girl Found Her Spiritual Home on a Yoga Mat
Monette Chilson

We Should Look Within Ourselves
Rebecca Mott

Reclaiming the Radical Feminism of the Qur'an
Sarah Ager

A Feminist History of Menstruation

Feminism and Spirituality: Taking Back What Was Lost
Susan Mehegan

Money and the Elephant in the Room
Trista Hendren

Here, She Is 
Jacqueline Hope Derby

Faith in Action
Jen Raffensperger

Does the Divine Feminine Need Your Help?
DeAnna L'am

Our Struggles Are Not the Same: Inspired Solidarity with Turtle Island First Nations Women
Pegi Eyers

Jesus and Sophia
Liz Hall Magill

Mothering as Spiritual and Political Resistance to Patriarchal Structures of Oppression
Liona Rowan

The leaving of calm waters

My Heart, My Spirit, My Faith
Patty Kay

Letters from the Mother
Zoe Nicholson

Finding My Inner Goddess
Erin McKelle

A Female Rabbi is Like an Orange on the Passover Plate
Rabbi Dalia Marx (Ph.D.)

Wanting a God Who Looked Like Me
Debbie Kozlovich

Led by a Women’s Mosque: Space Of Our Own
Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

The Goddess Within–Insights into Awakening Her Full Shakti
Kali-Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati
Vrinda Jamuna Shakti

A Woman Who Trusted Her Own Judgment

From ignorance to the feminine wisdom
Zoharah Noy-meir

The Problem with
Faith and Fidelity
Lizette Tapia-Raquel

Behind closed doors: the complexity of culture and religion in presenting and interpreting the self
Nafhesa Ali

A Daughter of the Goddess
Susan Morgaine

Feminism & God/dess in Judaism
Neorah Garcia

God is Not a Man
Trista Hendren

Divinity, Creativity and Me
Ruth Calder Murphy

The Initial Unraveling

Nahida Nisa

Break A Taboo Today!
DeAnna L’am

Dreaming Awake In Ceres' Garden
Celeste Gurevich

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  1. Eager to read when this comes to India!

    -A feminist from India struggling to understand the new-found belief in spirituality and the Goddess.