Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blood & Honey Secret Herstories: Privileging her sons by Danica Anderson, Ph.D.

Privileging her sons- is found in the Madonna images and across the globe.

To this day, in the former Yugoslavia, a mother’s worth is based on the number of sons she has birthed. It is widely believed among South Slavic peoples that a son loves his mother in the same ancestral fashion as his Neolithic ancestors loved and revered the Moist Mother Earth above all others.

However, there remains an often overlooked discrepancy between mothers’ offspring; by measuring a son’s love of his mother and her actual worth by the number of sons she has birthed, her daughters are left to face gender violence in catastrophic proportions.

If patriotism’s lethal impact remains unchecked for its neglect of narratives that proclaim herstory, we will inevitably witness the horrors of the past five thousand years again and again.


Why are Madonna (s) holding a son not a daughter?

Are the Madonna (s) a way to hold an example of each daughter's duty to produce as opposed to creating culture not perpetuating a cult of violence?

Have you noticed the systematic coercion by both women and males to defend their man, sons? 

Do you notice the mass violence against females taking a back seat to all other minorities, peoples, issues which are predominant examples of some subhuman vile act to have a massive collective patriarchy in power? For example, we will assign terms such as axis of evil to a whole group as justification for subhuman vile acts, blame, shame as a way to dominate.

-Blood & Honey Secret Herstories by Danica Anderson, PhD.

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