Monday, November 17, 2014

Listen, Time Passes by Ruth Calder Murphy

In this circle, this journey of life and death, we are all children of Time as well as children of Eternity… And Time passes. Constantly, ticking towards Eternity.

Whilst I have time, I hope I will fill it, seize it, enjoy this human experience, before it’s too late and Time stops passing for me and hands me over to Eternity, whatever that means.

Listen, Time Passes

It is not too late,
not yet,
to see beauty
and transform the rest
to peace.
It is not too late to lie
soft and gentle
in a warm embrace
and feel it to be true and good.
It is not too late to recognise
what future good can come from present pain,
to arrest the bitterness
and live again.
Yet Time is marching on
and will not wait
for promises nor passion,
love nor hate.

by Ruth Calder Murphy, shared with permission from her book, Spirit Song.

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