Sunday, November 9, 2014

All We've Got by Nancy Parry

supportive women.
who understand,
and share their pain.
And their strength.

The Goddess’ greatest gift.

In a world
where too many men
have no respect,
no integrity
no hesitation
in making victims of women,
simply because they can;
Our sisters know –
the anguish,
the betrayal,
the struggle
and atrocious insanity of it all.

We feel each other’s aching agony…
babies being killed
for being born female,
women raped
simply for being there.
Mutilation of young girls
purely for bloodlusting domination by men.
and conquer.

And yet
no restraint
or justice
No patriarchal governments
start wars
to stop
or avenge
the horrors inflicted on us.

We must have each other.
Altogether too often,
we are all we’ve got.

-Nancy Parry

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