Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, or Spirituality? by Marie de Kock

Why Goddess spirituality? Goddess spirituality is crucial for our survival and the survival of our planet. I’m referring to every woman’s connection and relationship with her own Spirit which resides in her heart, and her own divine ability to create, which springs from her womb. The womb is infinitely more than a reproductive organ; it is a replica of the Cosmic Womb or Mago. From that profound pool of infinite silent knowledge, women can access the solutions so urgently needed to recover the equilibrium the world with its God spirituality has lost, and women can dream the solutions into being. It is the intelligence of the heart and intelligence of the womb that humanity needs in order to balance out the ill effects of our noisy ‘rational’ left brained society. Women carry the keys to the wisdom within them. Female spirituality is the door.

Marie is in Chile for now


This is an ongoing collective writing project, initiated by Magoism: The Way of S/He and Mother Tree Sanctuary in response to the question, "Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, or Spirituality?" We will feature different women's answers here and on the Magoism blog in the months to come as part of this project.

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  1. Marie de Kock Thank you Trista Lee Hendren Løberg Busy writing a book about this - trying to spell out exactly what we are up against on the energetic level, in a Conversation with Gaia; There is a force that is doing everything in its power to keep women disconnected from their own creative power. With my book i share the spiritual practices that i have been shown : What we can do to activate our creative resources on the energetic level. Women have astonishing abilities to dream awake; to take form into the formless and formless into form. It belongs to Silent Knowledge, just like the ancient mysteries, so it is challenging to verbalise. Nevertheless i feel called to make the info real practical and useful, because we need to get strong, every one of us need to become goddess - For Real!