Thursday, September 18, 2014

Join the #PeoplesClimate March!

On September 21st, a massive march is taking place in NYC. There are hundreds of coordinated actions taking place around the world.

- the #s so far:
50: US states that will be represented at the march.
374: Buses and trains currently listed online for travel to New York City for the march.
26: City blocks the NYPD has reserved for us to assemble in before the march. That's a lot of room for us to fill.
1100+: the number of community, labor, environmental justice, faith and progressive groups who have endorsed the march. More join every day.
28: Different religious faiths and denominations represented in that list of endorsing organizations.
20: The minimum number of marching bands we're expecting, to make sure we are a movement that dances as well as marches.
300+: The number of college campuses where students are mobilizing to come to New York.
1500: Actions planned worldwide for the weekend of Sept. 20th and 21st, in 130 countries.
40,000: The number of people at the biggest US climate march to date. (Last year's Forward on Climate march in DC). I'm confident we can do much bigger on the 21st.
401 parts per million: The peak concentration of carbon in the atmosphere measured by the world's leading scientists this spring -- higher than any time in human history.
0: The amount of progress we'll make if we stay home. There's no guarantee this will work. The only thing that's for sure is if we stay home, nothing will change -- except the climate.

**Stats via Moses Seenarine

I'll be marching in Portland with my husband and children.

You can find an event near you at

In solidarity with People's Climate March, we are offering our Mother Earth book free on Amazon Kindle through September 22nd.

You can download it

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