Friday, September 12, 2014

Blood & Honey Journal by Danica Anderson

Many song lyrics and self help books say how easily we fall in love. I find it jarring when the statement falling in love so easily is paired with the wrong thing to do. Of course this is about love dramas played out in relationships.

But I have had this said to me in a different ways.

Often the question is how do I do what I do in the most hellish landscapes? Their response its’ so depressing, damaging and the wrong thing to have as meani...ngful work.

Somehow, it 's suspect to fall in love easily.

Plenty of pop self-help books make millions such as the book women who love too much and so on. Women are scolded for their natural bonding and loving acts- maternal and sensual—told to curb it, restrict it only for male worshipping idols found in religions – with the biggest religionist institution marketing and corporate interests.

But how do I or you not fall in love easily

I work with the worst of the worst- war crime criminals and I dig deeper to remember how this male once was a baby held in his mothers’ arms. And, oh how I love babies. Babies, kittens, to puppies have me polyamorous in less than a second one of the billions of things I encounter in my life.

How do I not fall in love easily with the Slavic oral memory traditions, the Moist Mother Earth, those that I have witnessed in what most call and label the worst places on earth.

I fall in love with learning over and over again. I am suspect and am I or you the fool for it?

I realized I learned the art of making love to me thus the world I live in. We cannot control or restrict love to only the enforced patriarchal dogma and so-called morals from one god and patriotic duty to hate.

I ask how do you and I make love to the world?

By Danica Anderson, shared with permission

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Painting by Erin Hilleary.

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