Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TRANSFORMATION by By Meg Goodmanson

It will not always feel good,
This growing.
This stretching beyond the boundaries of the known, The comfortable.

It will not always feel safe,

This learning and relearning of your own abilities
This reexamining of beliefs

This pushing of envelopes
This breaking through enclosing walls.

You will shiver.

You will doubt.

You will want to run home.

Back behind walls of safety.

This walk to the edge will not

Feel good, safe, or comfortable,
But there is no faster way to learn.
There is no other way to grow.

So step out.

Leave your home base
Your comfort
Your cocoon

Acknowledge the fear and discomfort

But step out all the same.

With each step you take,

Your world expands
Your caterpillar mind will
to comprehend the unbounded vastness of the sky.
Step out. Step…step…step.


from the 'Initiations' edition of Aluna Temple Magazine. Read other selections here.

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