Thursday, August 14, 2014


Slavic ancestors have, just as many other nations and tribes, celebrated the summer solstice along with many other significant holidays through the year to show the respect for their gods and Mother Earth.

In Slavic mythology we know of many gods and goddesses that were, once upon a time, a part of everyday life for our great-grandfathers.

However as we speak of Perun, Kresnik, Mokoš, Živa, Jarilo and the rest, we always have to keep in mind, that gods are different aspects of the father sun and the mother earth.

We see the aspect of a maiden of mother earth in Vesna, Mara, we come across the mature woman in Lada in the summer and Živa when we thank her for the fruits of our labour in the fields and in colder times as we start to receive more and more water / rain, snow, we get to know her as Morana who is responsible for our passing on and rebirth.

Excerpt from the Bridges edition of Aluna Temple Magazine. Read the rest here.

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