Saturday, August 30, 2014


Growing up in the 1960s and 70s, I recall dreaming of the many paths my life could take. As the second of four daughters, I was always surrounded by females, with the only male being a little overpowering, and one for whom life held such disappointment as he didn’t realize his wish of having a son. I aimed to ‘be’ that son, and wanted to achieve so much. Life chose a direction I’d never considered - I found myself pregnant at the tender age of 16, albeit with a loving partner - definitely not what I would have ‘consciously’ chosen. 

My journey took many twists and turns from then on, and I grew up swiftly! The moment I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, life changed irrevocably. I was thrust into the immense responsibilities of the adult world. The pregnancy, labour and birth, weren’t the empowering, enriching, evolving experience I now know they can be. 

Fast-forward 37 years, and on reflection I see clearly I was truly gifted, rather than hindered, and recognize what incredible treasures life’s brought to me that I’m now able to use to support others. 

I became a midwife at the age of 27. My raison d’ĂȘtre was to empower women to experience motherhood in a powerful and positive way, making informed choices for their pregnancy, labour, birth and the first few weeks with their baby. 

Supporting fellow midwives and other maternity support workers, as well as students and particularly new graduates, became passions of mine too.

To be able to empower another, we must first feel empowered.

Excerpt from the 'Initiations' edition of Aluna Temple Magazine. Read the rest here.

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