Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Woman Called God by Peter Wilkes

"And why couldn’t God be a woman? Really, why not? In this adorably playful, yet poignant and timely book, A Woman Called God asks all of us – women and men alike – to consider how the world would and could look if our universal perception of The Creator were not male but female: a mother-figure of unconditional love.

The result of a seventy-year personal journey by the author, and inspired initially by his mother and first wife, A Woman Called God revolutionizes the traditional thinking of organized religion and makes possible a new and inviting path for every woman and man on the planet.

In its short 545 words you may discover a new way of thinking. In its simple 27 hand-drawn stick-figures you could find a new dialogue. And in its compact 45 pages you might even uncover answers that will take you in a new and welcome direction… both for yourself and the world.

Proceeds from the sale of A Woman Called God will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in New York."

My Amazon review:

"A fantastically affirming book for women and men.  This book is a light to lead the world to a path of peace and understanding. I'd love to give this book to all the men I know who still don't understand why we need the Divine Feminine. Mr. Wilkes does a great job of presenting his case without beating a dead horse. As the book comes to a close, you'll still want more.  Thankfully more books are on their way!"

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