Tuesday, July 15, 2014


'Women Circles & Red Tents of The World' chapter is dedicated to Introducing Facilitators of Women Circles and Red Tents from all over the world. Sharing their Journey, Knowledge, Wisdom and their Fire of Inspiration.

My intention is to Weave the connection between Women. To Weave this Red Thread, so we can share and exchange our wisdom, beauty and love. We empower each other with our presence. Simply with presence. We LEARN FROM THE LIGHT WE SHARE and SEE.

I am very passionate to Weave this thread and to inspire women to re-connect with their moon time, to re-connect with the power of Our Wombs. To reclaim this time as sacred, to honour and embrace it and to embrace the wisdom that pours through.

To re-member that this is A BRIDGE to ourselves. From this Journey inward, we release what doesn’t empower us anymore. From this Silence many dreams and babies come to Life in the upcoming cycle.

Imagine a BIG RED TENT where all women of the world in all stages of their life come to be nourished and welcomed! Their stories welcomed and acknowledged. Their ancestors honoured. Imagine that...

Excerpt from the Bridges edition of Aluna Temple Magazine. Read the rest here.

Red Tent by C.Valoru

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