Thursday, July 31, 2014

We erase their existence with willful ignorance.

"I refuse to lay down my words and ingest the twisted meaning of what was once iconic of what's good. I will not relinquish words like feminism to mean hate when hatred erases what few words and voice women and children and men have to speak the realities of their truth. Come sit with me if you dare for a day. Shoulder to shoulder with these "people" which I have the courage to name as women and children. We smother the women and children in poverty. We choke the life of women and children with shame that is not theirs but yours and ours. We kill them without metal bullets and metal weapons, we kill them by loading guilt and blame upon their shoulders. We erase their existence with willful ignorance. Those children still play in the garbage of poverty. The women their mothers love them with all they have left- their hearts. Look deeply into the images- if you dare. It will dismember your hate and blame.

What if you tasted the most precious element so rare, love? What if grandmothers, mothers and daughters stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity? 

I am begging for this to occur to stop the stories that stain life on this earth.”
-Danica Anderson

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