Monday, July 14, 2014

SOUND AS A BRIDGE TO SELF by Christina Fire-Mane Honey-Voice Charley

I am passionate about sound.

My road as a sound medicine woman has never ceased to amaze me, not only in what I feel and experience, but what I witness to be available in others all around me, all the time.

Sound is everything and I believe that sound carries anything we program it with. Sound bridges.

I have never studied. I have never 'learnt' how to use sound from others. I have always felt in the deepest core of my being that I am a sound medicine woman and have trusted this certainty. It has led me to great expansions in this arena, all based on results and direct experiences with people and the land.

I continue to trust what I 'know'. Doubt inhibits flow and trust opens our doors to greater explorations and understandings. Therefore I implore you:

Trust your imagination.

Trust your perceptions.

This is our way forward to greatness in magic and greatness in sound.

Christina Fire-Mane Honey-Voice Charley,
 Excerpt from the Bridges edition of Aluna Temple Magazine.  Read the rest here.

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  1. I have always said music (sound) is a healing force!