Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sacred Goddess Sisterhood by Diane Horton

Each of our stories as women who have come to embrace the Goddess are varied and interesting. Certainly interesting to each other, as our spirits long to resonate with another who has had a similar journey. Mine began while I was still a member of the Episcopal Church and a Christian. But relative to many, it was not that long ago, just 18 years. Some women have been knowing and worshiping the Goddess for more than 30 years, some have only just come to the reawakening and re-membering recently. Some of us call ourselves witches, some priestesses, or both. Some do not identify with either of those words and simply say they have immersed themselves in the Divine Feminine, or that they worship the Goddess. Some will say they are Pagan or Wiccan or Dianic Wiccan. Whatever we call ourselves, or do not call ourselves, we are all Sisters in Goddess, those who worship the Great Mother.

And though our numbers are growing, seemingly almost daily, we are still in a minority. We need those who are articulate to voice our views and we need wise teachers who can share practices, philosophy and knowledge with those who are eager for such spiritual food.

One of the great things about this Goddess Path is that, although there is much written and oral knowledge to be had for those who seek it, the deepest part of this path is experiential. Personal experience with Goddess, deep within ourselves, and having our eyes opened to Her all around us all the time, seeing and feeling Her magic in our lives, knowing Her love and nurturance in our hearts. We have no dogma, no set of rules or commandments, no rigid ideology. We have our own hearts to guide us into all acts of love and pleasure, compassion, humility and reverence which are Her rituals. When we express strength, hold our power and honor life, as well as giggle and laugh, those are Her rituals, too. There are the Women’s Blood Mysteries, which set women apart from men who worship the Goddess, but that should serve to unite women in a strong eternal bond, not alienate men. There is no place for hierarchy. We are all women equal to each other as daughters of the Goddess. We cannot, we must not, allow the patriarchal mindset to contaminate Feminine Spirituality. No hierarchy, no duality, no controlling others. If we want to see a world in which the Divine Feminine is prominent, the world that many of us believe is coming, we need to take a good, hard look at ourselves in the mirror of our Sisters’ eyes and all of us individually commit ourselves to Unity, Sisterhood and Unconditional Love. That does not mean we will never disagree, and sometimes disagree vehemently, but it does mean we do not allow those disagreements to fracture us as a body of women or to damage or destroy our Sisterhood.

There are many teachers who have their own followings of students, their own coursework, their own publications and newsletters, their own festivals they work all year to organize and make manifest. This is a good thing! Especially with the national economy the way it is now many, many women cannot afford to travel very far from their homes, so the fact that there are festivals in diverse parts of the country is no doubt just as the Goddess desires. Those who know of Her and hear Her call are greatly benefited by all of these in mind, heart and spirit. We all need each other. We who can spread this information far and wide need to do so, not just think of and promote the one group or project we are involved in ourselves individually. This is the BIG PICTURE. This is how the movement moves forward. This is how the Goddess gathers Her women (and men). Unification of purpose. Standing together. Supporting each other in concrete ways.

We are Women of Goddess. Her spirit is our spirit. She strengthens us because we have Her strength. She is all-inclusive. She encompasses all things and all beings. She has called us back to Her in this time of reawakening of the Divine Feminine. She is Grandmother Spider who has sung us into being and woven us all together with Her golden web. We all need to be of the mind to support each other’s endeavors, as all is for the Returning and Re-Membering of the Goddess. We need to disengage our egos and keep forefront in our minds She Who Called us. We all serve Her.

As She repeated to me in a dream I had of two groups of women who rejected and held hostile feelings toward each other, “Concentrate on Me! You are all My Daughters and I love you! Concentrate on Me!” I think She was giving me a message to deliver to all Her women, all who are Sisters. Let those who have the ears to hear, hear it. It is our challenge, our task She is giving us, and we can do it. Although the conditioning of the patriarchal society in which we live has tried to destroy it, women are hard-wired to work in relationship to, and with, each other. Let that natural, innate attribute She gave us come through to Honor our Great Mother. Now is the time to concentrate on the Goddess and have solidarity between all Sisters as the great wave of the Divine Feminine is washing over all the world.

- Diane Horton, c 2014

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnet

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