Friday, July 11, 2014

Conscious bEARTH Mother… A Sacred Bridge by DONNA RAYMOND

All possibilities dance in the universal womb of the Sacred. 

The tapestry of consciousness is woven into the fabric of this space, and time- as we know it, lingers in an eternal moment. The heart blooms and is intoned with sensory information of the ‘other’ world… The external world, where breath is the language of life and love. In a crescendo of harmonic frequencies, we spiral within the field of creation and our dreaming is sung from our Souls desire to experience the intimacy of flesh and connection.

Our language of who we are at the Soul level, shapes the reality we choose to weave. Our Will anchors us into the essence of form, physically manifest to align with a deep purpose as we cross the most Sacred and honoured bridge… in all cultures.


Pregnant with potential, ripe with meaning… we pass through the channels of Mother, into a new world. From Spirit incarnate, she calls to us and sings us through…. sings us home.

In her spiralling bEARTH field we begin to align with our path with heart, and thus begin the sacred rite of passage we must all embark upon.

Donna Raymond, Excerpt from the Bridges edition of Aluna Temple Magazine.  Read the rest here.

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