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The global movement responding to crisis by seeking a sustainable and socially rich way of living.

Reflections and experiences looking at the challenges we face and meeting many beautiful people from different backgrounds who are creating a new bridge. One that hopefully will lead us from an era of war and destruction towards a more peaceful and harmonic future. And a writing complemented with many links to good information. 

‘Not here to change the world - ready for the world to change me’ 

For more than two years I’ve had the privilege to visit and feel at home in a handful of countries in Asia and Latin America. All of them warm, spicy and colourful compared to my origin Denmark. On the journey I’ve seen some incredible ancient monuments and slept in a few hostel beds, but for the most part I’ve been involved in or visited courses and projects
focusing on sustainability. Often I’ve lived with lovely generous local families and it always amazes me how quickly strangers can become new friends. 

There is so much to learn from the similarities and differences in how we live around the planet.

The countries where I have stayed longest have societies composed by a small group of rich people and a majority of poor (a colonial impact). As I am used to the huge middle class in Scandinavia I always notice things like for example houses with expensive cars, high walls and armed security next to neighbourhoods of families having close to nothing. Seeing the contrast so clearly in front of my eyes provokes me, but at the same time I am reminded that in Europe our walls and guards are the frontiers and visa regulations - too big and distant to really feel them.

Some other examples of inequality and destruction that I’ve seen are families living in homes made of cardboard next to landfills, power stations and busy roads; the rapid cut down of the Amazon rainforest for oil, beef, cocaine and timber; big mining industries making financial capital for distant owners and investors while indigenous people living near the mines are poor and fight heavy contamination.

All of these experiences have deepen my understanding for how social, environmental, cultural and belief issues are all woven together. 


There is a growing awareness about the alarming situation we are in. About how modern lifestyle and booming population already take and destroy more than what nature can reproduce and repair. And that humanity can either continue towards growing conflicts about basic resources like clean water and fertile soil. Or we can unite to make a proactive change.

Excerpt from the Bridges edition of Aluna Temple Magazine. Read the rest here.

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