Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Were You There? - Price of Silence

When the young girls of tomorrow open up their her-story books, and ask were you there, what will you say? Where were you? When they read about today, a time written in the blood of a generation of women and girls, unknowing martyrs, guilty of being born girls and women in the golden age of dehumanization, objectification and apathy, and ask you, did you buy into? What will you say? When they point out that you knew, that you had the knowledge, did it propel you to shop up, were you there? Did you make noise? Did you break the silence? When they turn and ask you were you there, what will you say? 

Those girls and women of tomorrow will live in a different time, one in which every girl sits in a desk, with a her-story book, and a blank book for her to write her own future in the ink of dignity and infinite worth. It will happen because we fight until the day it happens. It will happen because they showed up to Jantar Mantar, Delhi, and raised their voices.

It will come because of those who couldn't be on that road, but instead paved their road in solidarity. It will come because someone woke up and said why not teach children equality.

It will come because when told "no," when they said, "don't have the resources," someone said I will find them, I will make it happen. It will come because someone turned to their friend next to them and said, "do you know what that song is about and how it plays into violence against women."

It will come, because we will not rest until it comes.

-Price of Silence

Dedicated to those you were there, to those who are building it, and those who will not be there to see it.

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