Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The word God—
the way it has been used—
stands between so many people and “God.”

We could try another word—like Light,
Supreme Being, Life, All That Is,
or Unnameable!

Or just be silent and good.
Or horror of all horrors—
call Him Mother.

Him—that’s the big problem, isn’t it,
what was done in His Name
against women, children, and the earth.

But it’s hard not having a name
for the driving force, the meaning behind,
the truth and awesomeness of all this!

Do we really imagine God has a gender?
Really think God can be reduced
to the imaginings of the human mind?

Really dream that any religion captures
pure unmuddied essence of God?
I don’t—and you probably don’t either.

Maybe we could start over—fresh
as little children with wide open eyes
brightened by what is Here.


Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

1 comment:

  1. What a gorgeous painting of interconnectedness and oneness in the here and now. Would love to see these paintings some day in person. My compliments to Elisabeth, so original.