Sunday, June 1, 2014

#Portland #YesAllWomenLIVE Rally Today

We and Us Art
“There are a lot of horrors that women face, but it is profoundly liberating, profoundly uplifting to be part of standing up together with others who refuse to accept this. Until people call this out and say, ‘this has to stop,’ it’s going to keep happening.” Read full article here.

Join us in Portland this afternoon. Check out the Facebook event page.

There's also an event scheduled in Los Angeles.

Check the schedule for other cities here.

"It’s extremely important that people manifest in the streets. That this feeling is not allowed to be defused." - Sunsara Taylor of Stop Patriarchy

Other media:

Write up on the Seattle Rally Friday in Seattle Times.

From Tweets to the Streets: #YesAllWomen Actions Planned in Major Cities

"Break the silence, and rally your friends and loved ones."- Price of Silence

Photo Credit: Bridget Kelly Palmer
THIS IS A NON-PARTISAN, NON-AFFILIATED EVENT. ALL are welcome, but abuse of any kind, will not be tolerated.

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