Thursday, May 1, 2014

Modern representation of a goddess

"A fulfilled mother is the closest that you can get to a modern representation of a goddess. To negate the mother by eradicating the wisdom and instinct of all the women who preceded her is to negate feminine spirituality. Violence towards women begins with the repression of sexuality, the appropriation of childbirth, the interference with all vital cycles and the creation of manipulative roles. A negated mother will also negate her body and her presence to her children, so they all ultimately will conform to our unattended, unloved and unnourished society. The violence consists on promoting shortcomings that trigger a disproportionate consumerism which is perverse and unsustainable. A fulfilled woman who accepts her body and finds pleasure in sharing it with her offspring is a revolution in her own right, because she stops being part of a establishment that feeds the enormous unsatisfied needs of future men and women. I am interested in exposing this violence because it is the origin of so many others.“ -Ana Alvarez-Errecalde (pictured with her camera) 

Be sure to check out Ana's amazing photography!

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