Friday, May 16, 2014

Magnolia and The Divine Feminine: Cycles of Life and Cycles of Creation…by Christine Agro

When my son was little we lived in Brooklyn, NY and walking was our way of life. We walked to the park, the grocery store and in September of his forth year we began taking the long walk to pre-school. A walk that typically would take me about twenty minutes took close to forty-five minutes at a four-year-old’s pace. 

Even though other parents would strap their kids into a stroller and push them through the city; for me it was important that he walk. He could walk, he should walk. These were some of the most wonderful times. We would walk hand-in-hand talking about the things we saw, playing the spelling game and eye-spy. One day, toward the end of September we spied something on a tree. It was a fuzzy grey-green bud. It looked funny and felt funny. Each week we would stop at the tree to see what the bud was doing.

Throughout the winter it remained. As winter turned to spring, the bud began to change. It became less grey and more green. The outer casing seemed to drop away or maybe new layers were being added, but whichever, the bud was changing.  As the bud began to open, we realized it was a Magnolia flower. At the time I felt that there was something powerful and guiding about this beautiful tree; but with all the noise of the city and the hecticness of my own life, I didn’t take the time to delve deeper.

A few years later we left NYC and moved about 90 miles north.  We found a magical home on almost 3 acres. On the day we moved in; we drove up to find that behind our new home stands our own magnificent Magnolia tree. It took me a few more years, but with the time and space, I began to connect with Magnolia. Listening to her and watching her as she moves through the seasons, I have learned so much from her. She is an embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She is both strong and beautiful and throughout the seasons she shares different aspects of her deep connection to The Divine Feminine. Her wisdom is one of never-ending cycles; from maiden to maven to crone; from winter to spring, to summer and fall; from creation to manifestation. Magnolia encourages us, guides us and shows us that change is constant and there is beauty in that change.

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