Friday, May 30, 2014

Lilith Eve, a child and a woman for our tomorrows by Lizette Galima Tapia-Raquel

According to Jewish myth, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. However, she was a woman who wanted more of life than Adam would permit her. And when she was told by Adam that she would always be beneath him and would have to submit to him, she ran away from Eden and from him. She has been demonized but I think she embodies women who resist domination and seek life. Life beyond Eden.

Eve, Adam’s wife in the Bible, on the other hand, was created in the Garden of Eden. She was created from Adam’s rib, as centuries of interpretation would want us to believe. She was to be Adam’s ‘helper’ and she remained with him even after they were banished from Eden.

Lilith escaped from Adam and she is a symbol for women who want to be free. Eve remained with Adam and is a symbol of women who will defend marriage and family.

If you were to raise a daughter, how would you raise her to be?
To be like Lilith, so independent and free?
Or to be like Eve, cherishing marriage and family?

I would want my daughter to be both. A girl-woman who would struggle for and not just submit to LIFE. And so I wrote about Lilith Eve. She embodies our visions of tomorrow’s children.

Lilith Eve is the child of our tomorrows and eons past,
The daughter of Eden and earths beyond it.
She is the fruit of souls touching, of sacred pleasuring,
and of dreams of an unlimited universe.

She will be warmed by her mother’s fire
and lulled in the waves of her father’s song.
She will burn with passion for those whose only hope is the Divine
and slowly erode the oppressive lies and structures with both
gentleness and fierceness.

She will dance like a flame and enchant like her mother.
And inspire people of different ages like her father.
She will play with goddesses and mortals
and welcome them in the sanctuary of her universe.

Lilith Eve is the child of the universe.
She whispers to the stars, kisses the flowers,
touches the tenderest creatures, and charms the strong and the wild.

She will run to the mountains and explore the deepest seas,
sleep under the moon and swing on the boughs of trees.
At times she will be restless and want to be alone and free.
But there will be many moments when she comes to lay between you and me.

by by Lizette Galima Tapia-Raquel, shared with permission from her beautiful blog.

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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