Thursday, May 15, 2014

Calling the Directions…by Rebecca Funk

I use these words sometimes to call the directions.  I wrote them to better understand the symmetry of the ceremony and this cyclically sacred life.  Even though the words are familiar, I often find myself teary and full-of-heart.  This is a simplicity of praying, a praying what is, a reminder of all the goodness that’s already present, as well as a heart-felt cry for healing and integration.

I’ve customised the goddesses/power animals/signs of the zodiac and their qualities according to what is relevant to me.  Feel free to add your own familiar symbols/being/signs and what they mean to you, grounding it in your own experience – the ceremony will be inherently more potent this way.

I alter the elements based on where I am and what’s around, geographically.  I like this reminder to pay attention to the present moment, what’s here now, to practice letting go of the “plan” every now and then.

Coming back from Vision Quest, this was what I knew to be true:
“I have been given so much.
I am clear in my vision.
There is nothing holding me back.”

This ceremony helps me live this knowing, feeling the fullness of the present moment...

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  1. Wise words from a wise woman, blessed are we to know & love Rebecca