Friday, May 2, 2014

BRING BACK OUR GIRLS!!! - by Poet on Watch

Photo Credit: The Washington Post

Time :  10:30 p.m.est
Sun Rise:  6:38 a.m.
Sunset: 8:35 p.m.
Moonrise:  11:30 a.m.
Moon set:  11:44 p.m.
Day :  Wednesday 
Date:   30 April 2014
Wind direction:  West
Wind speed:  11 mph
Cloud cover: Areal Flood Warning
Temperature : 39
Location :  FB/ New Jersey

Significance: Sited by the Washington Post, "Hundreds of kidnapped Nigerian school girls reportedly sold as brides to militants for $12, relatives say"

From massive sink holes in Baltimore, to the L.A. Clippers owner being BAN FOR LIFE from the NBA because of racist remarks, to a deadly severe storm outbreak in the middle of spring over 20 southern states, to big winds and wildfires in the west, to the Muslim Brotherhood supporters savagely attacking a young Coptic woman, Christian [because of the cross hanging on her rear view mirror], I think the Goddess is trying to tell us something.  Can't you hear her with that black Gele across her face? Can't you hear the cries of 234 young Nigerian female children in forest? Can't you hear them, does it not wrench your spirit to the point were you break out in a cold sweat  like their parents are doing every night for the pass 16 days!? Well... It does for me and as I sat here thinking about what I could do to help bring back 234 enslaved African female children home to there rightful place of light, comfort and joy last night I felt a wave of helplessness come over my soul. I wanted to turn my head from the computer headlines that spew poison. I did not want to read about a another rape case. Another pedophile, another sex trade on going, another international travesty. I just wanted to play on FB, talk and shoot the breeze with my other digital buddies and talk about partying. But I could not, so I clicked on this link that Yvette Assem from Forest Park, Georgia posted, and the HEADLINES read: HUNDREDS OF KIDNAPPED NIGERIAN SCHOOL GIRLS REPORTEDLY SOLD AS BRIDES TO MILITANTS FOR $12... I almost upchucked my dinner.

How can we help any of these young  girls in Nigeria or Egypt, staring at the screen thinking to myself?  How can I help any of these kids being sold for sex right here in the U.S.? How can we stop the burnings of gay's and lesbians in Uganda? How can we stop walking by the homeless laying in the gutter like they are invisible? How can we as women in the U.S. help ourselves, everyday day, walking the streets of New York safely? I don't know.. I just don't have an answer, as the tears roll rapidly down my face. I closed my eyes and I ask the Goddess what is my assignment right now?  I really don't know , so I write. I write in hopes that my pen ingrains cravings on our mindsets that will never be erased like the hieroglyphs carvings deep in the caves of Egypt; as we bleed a new thought process while asking the original Black mother for forgiveness. Why would any grown man want to have sex with a six year old child is beyond my compassion? It is sick and religion, I don't care which one it is Muslim, Christians, Buddhist, Hinduism, Santeria, Yourba or your back yard Voodooism, sanctions the men action as doing God's (Allah) will which grants the rights to men everywhere to rape or molest a young woman or man child.  

Just as these women in Nigeria marching in protest to find there kids , women here in the U.S. need to be taking notes, setting up rallies DO SOMETHING to help our sister abroad, as well as here, that are kept in silence!!!  We are not vehement enough about the molestation of our own children by Catholic, Baptists, Penacosal, Mormon, priests, rabis, bishops, reverends, pastors and public figures . We live in a rape culture women WAKE UP please and smell the coffee so we can offer some protection to our children and ourselves. Let us stop being devastated that the men and some women are raping and killing our children, their children, and find a way to shape a safer reality for our future seeds. This has to stop. By remaining present and living in the NOW, it becomes clearer that we need to pick up what ever arms to protect ourselves in the face of this patriarchal imperialism.  Imperialist colonialism has always seen itself, officially, as an instrument of spiritual enlightenment. The colonialist powers have really convinced the men that they are doing the victims a favor by lifting them up from the Mother Earth -- through whips, degradations, imprisonment, hunger and slaughter.  These patriarchal imperialist communities, Christian missionaries preaching of the heavenly Father and son, and Moslems carrying the message of Allah and his prophet Mohammed performed the same colonizing functions. Because, in maternal cultures, the "father" is social rather than a biological role thus causing the breaking up of the ancient maternal kinship grouping and the sacred Earth life-patterns we use to follow. To air on the side of humanity and as the crones always say, hindsight is 20/20, we must embrace that the men are our seeds as well. So, what are we not doing? Not to place blame or guilt, just a question and to give us something more to think about. This question just means sisters we have more work to do, hold on, don't get weary help is coming.

Please do not use the word "bride" or "wives"to describe these enslaved and brutalized children. The media and there twisted interpretations. Doing so only perpetuates the barbarity of this Nigeria's militant Islamist group called Boko Haram. There was no consent. These are not brides; these are not marriages and they sure are not "wives". These are rapes, kidnappings and sex trading events going on. This militant group is probably packaging them up and shipping them out for Europe's and North America's pleasure right now. This is far more widespread and culturally/religiously sanctioned thing, as if a state government could declare "eminent domain" on your daughter's hymen like they have done in so many southern "bible belt" states among the U.S. Slavery and female abductions have been an Islamic practice for centuries. They did not invent it but they have certainly have perfected it.  Beware of all religious law, including the attempts to institute religious law to restrain women's medical decision-making, or as in Virginia, to require rape by V-probe as a condition precedent to the woman's exercise of her Constitutional right to choose.  We need to march and protest just as these women are doing to stop systemic savagery right here in America. In the U.S. when one, two, three or even four black women come up missing the law enforcement might look for two or three days then after that it is a cold case. But, when 234 young enslaved Nigerian female children come up missing from Chibok, Borno State school, in the middle of the night, in the year 2014 and the government and the media are quiet about it, sisters , we are back on track to a Holocaust. History will repeat it self if this action is not corrected. 

Global climate change is real and since Africa was originally matriarchal if these children are not found and returned home we will be feeling the wrath of Mother Earth worse than ever before. To my faith warriors please tell Mother Earth to have mercy on us because we don't know what we do. "Oh my God, Oh my God, why have you forsaken" my children please return them to there rightful place of glory. Someone make a call to Michelle Obama and ask her to help. I know that there is someone in this network that has that type of connection... Call her because her girls are at risk just like the rest of us. Here is the number to call 202-456-1111 or email: add your comment folks flood the lines..  To quote Kamilah Aisha Moon "What can be done? Nothing isn't the answer..." Amen!


  1. I feel as you do, Trista. I wonder how I can speak for these brutalized females without laying my morals on another culture. I am wondering what I say to those who use bullying tactics and illegal tactics on the innocent and helpless. Must I throw my morals to the wind and fight? I know I can win against overwhelming odds. Must I be covert? Am I responding to the emotional 'triggers'. Am I 'invested' in the outcome? Yes, I am. When I do this I know that the 'other' culture has won my attention and I have lost the battle. I think that both overt and covert intimidation impairs and manipulates my pro-social behavior. I wonder if I am just making excuses for the behavior of others and for my own behavior. I am serious about my psychological behavior.

  2. I am starting a letter writing campaign to send to the mothers of these girls to let them know we care I would like to go be with them until their girls come home but I can't figure out how to get there! If anyone else wants to go support and comfort these Mums PLEASE contact me and we will figure it out together! If you want to please write a letter even if all you do is say that you care and send it to my address asap and I will be sending these to Michele OBama so she can get them into the hands that can get them to the Mums! Thanks! please send to A Sister Mum,C/O Beth Carr 324 Middle Rd Woolwich Maine 04579 I want to get these letters to the White House by the end of next week so Please do this TOMORROW! You can do this Those Mums NEED US! Please pass this on to every Mum you know!

    1. Maybe this could be put online somewhere Beth?

  3. I also believe wherever and whenever we can, we will write about missing girls. We will not just keep "carrying on as usual". We will sing, gather and not let girls just keep being taken. I believe and feel the Goddess has said ENOUGH! And we who are aware will take up together until all of our girls have a full place in this world. I too, would like to join the letter writing.