Sunday, May 18, 2014

A prayer and provocation by Lizette Galima Tapia-Raquel

Take me beyond the church and beyond the promised lands and gardens.
Take me farther and deeper, towards mountains and underneath the waters.Take me places I have known before and show me treasures I failed to see.
Take me to myself and help me discover the person I truly want to be.

Tell me not of myths that will bind me to traditions which deny us laughter and life.
Tell me not of wise words that justify control, violence and strife.
Tell me how you envisioned me before I was even conceived and born.
Tell me I am loved unconditionally, and I will never, ever, be alone.

Love me like the sun and moon, let me rise and fall in my own time.
Love me like the rivers, let my life flow so the paths I take are truly mine.
Love me like an eagle, let me soar, go far and fly high.
Love me like the darkness, where you find solitude, rest and mysterious sight.

Art by Tamara Adams

Shared with permission from

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