Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Poem by Anne Allen

In this moment,
in this beautiful morning sky,

I send you love and healing.
I send you fire and warmth.

I send you the colors of sunrise.
I send you the scent of fresh bread.

I send you a refreshing breeze.
I send you its song through the willow's limbs.

In this moment,
in the ascent of the sun,

I embrace you with friendship.
I wish you great passion.

I kiss your brow and send you forward
to greet the day with wonder.

~awa 2011
Shared with permission of Anne Allen Poetry

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes


  1. beautiful. fills the heart with love and light. huuuu.


  2. Each time I read this, I feel the blessing of Anne's strength and love.