Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Picture Book to Empower Children of the Earth

I was thrilled to see this review of Mother Earth on squiboo!

"In her latest book, Mother Earth, author Trista Hendren reminds us that when we hurt our mothers we hurt ourselves and when we hurt ourselves our mothers are hurt too.

Stunningly illustrated by Norwegian artist Elisabeth Slettnes and filled with quotes from writers and citizens of great fame, Mother Earth is a picture book meant to empower children of all ages to treat selves, others, and the mother of our Earth with care.

Though some may feel the book’s significance is its depiction of god being a divine female, to me that is the least of the book’s importance. (I am not now, nor have I ever been, a feminist.) In my opinion, the important issue, the value and worth of the book Mother Earth, is its concern for nature and its children.

The beauty of this book lies in the author as storyteller. Trista Hendren is telling the story of the beginning of time, of the “first mother,” as a mother to her daughter, Helani.

She speaks of the love Mother had for her creation and how she filled their every need. As the story goes, over time this Mother of the Earth becomes sick, for her own needs have not been met.

Daughter Helani even questioned her own actions, her expectations of her mom… Admittedly, she did not give back as much as she took.

And this gave me cause to ask … Could I live with myself, knowing that I had destroyed even a part of my mom’s spirit? No. Then how can I live with myself doing things that I know will hurt Mother Earth?

Yes, Mother Earth and its message for us all is to treat her with the respect and care she so deserves… before we destroy her." -Ruthie

Read the entire review on squiboo.

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