Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thoughts on a New Women’s Movement.

Tamera, Standing stones, meditation at sunrise, Portugal
Worldwide women are fighting for their full power and emancipation…

a world in which women can take their place without positioning themselves either above or below the man, without fighting or having to imitate him. A culture of partnership where the genders, as equally strong poles, complement and love each other. A world in which violence against women can no longer happen. One in which women can come together and cooperate for the well being of all creatures on this planet – and for a new love towards men.

How can this vision become a reality?

In response to this, Sabine Lichtenfels, the peace ambassador, author and co-founder of Tamera Healing Biotope 1, has coined the term ‘gentle power.’ In her book, “Weiche Macht,” [“Gentle Power”] written 18 years ago, she created guidelines for womanhood that are urgently needed to this day. “Feminine power is not targeted at men, nor is it targeted against our love for men – it simply, decisively leaves behind those male structures that have led to the worldwide extinction of life and love. Unless we women take a public stand, nobody can escape this dead end. It is now up to us women to again assume the political and sexual responsibility that has been abandoned for so long. We invite all dedicated men to join our peace work.”

Through this book speaks a woman who intimately knows many facets and difficulties of a woman’s life, who also knows and loves men intimately, who can therefore give orientation. Such an authentic female voice has long been disregarded on Earth. It had been silenced throughout the history of patriarchal domination. A wave of relief will flow around the Earth when it is heard again. Only when women embrace their gentle power can man and woman unfurl and encounter each other as two equally strong halves of humanity. Then a culture of partnership can be initiated in which (in the words of Riane Eisler) the symbol of the blade loses its 
power and is replaced by the chalice: the symbol of love and abundance.

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