Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This is the story of Father Mind and Mother Heart.

Father Mind and Mother Heart lived in a tiny village known as Corpus. For a while they
functioned quite well together. Mother Heart would beat her drum creating a beautiful
rhythm that could be heard through out Corpus. The mighty Sanguine River would carry
her song throughout the land providing love, peace and nourishment to all who heard her
song. Mother Heart is the life force of Corpus.

Meanwhile, Father Mind was busy learning all kinds of things. First he learned about his
land, the smells, tastes and sounds. Then he learned how to interact with other villages.
He traveled far and wide acquiring knowledge and experience developing his skills.
Father Mind could multiply numbers, name the stars, and memorize the alphabet. He was
quite a wizard of knowledge.

All the while Mother Heart beat steadily on. She was consistent and true. Occasionally
she’d meet with another and her rhythm would change. When she liked someone her
drum would beat fast and full; birds would sing and flutter around her and she would
grow strong with love. But then there were those that made Mother Heart feel sad. Some
would come along wanting only to harm Mother heart and in her innocence she would
beat towards them; but they weren’t interested in her song and they would steal her food
or her blanket and then she would be hungry and cold.

One very cloudy and cold day in Corpus, Father Mind came upon Mother Heart in a time
of great despair, “What is wrong with you? Why do you beat your drum so slowly on this wintery day?”

“I had a visitor who wanted so much from me. He wanted warmth so I gave him warmth.
He wanted love so I gave him love. He wanted shelter from the cold so I gave him
shelter. Soon I became very tired and when I asked him for strength and love in return, he
laughed at me. He threw poison in my beautiful river and then ran away.”

“Why do you let others walk all over you? You give away too much and keep nothing for
yourself. You need to learn how to be strong like me, to protect yourself from such
miserable things. Take heed, there are many more out there looking for someone just like
you from whom they can take and not give.”

“But what can I do? I am simply here, beating my drum for whomever wants to listen. I
have no skills or wisdom like you.“

“Posh, there’s plenty you can do… stick with me and I will show how. There is no need
for the others. I can show you the world. You don’t need anybody but me.”

And so Father Mind took Mother Heart. She learned how to build a wall around herself
that would protect her from danger. He taught her how to make weapons so she could
slay anyone who entered her gates unwelcome. She agreed to let him speak for her and
make decisions on her behalf for he knew many languages that she could never hope to
learn. Sadly, the only language that she had known couldn’t keep the sadness away from
her so she stopped speaking.

As long as Mother Heart was under the protection of Father Mind, she beat safe and
steady. But then a strange thing began happening. Father Mind would disappear for long
periods of time; she would be left behind her wall. She would try searching for him but
she couldn’t find him. She would call to him. Occasionally he would answer but his
messages were slow and incomplete. She became confused. She began to beat
inconsistently which made the rest of Corpus nervous. She failed to tend to her things.
Her wall began to crumble and her weapons grew dull and dusty.

One day Father Mind returned.

“Oh, Father Mind, where have you been? I have been waiting for you. I am lost without
you here. Please don’t go away again.”

“Dear Mother Heart, I have been to a place called Cosmos. I have experienced a great
many things there but most of all I have experienced the Great Void. I am afraid that have
no more answers for you and I realize I no longer have the right to rule your life for you.
It is you that should be guiding me towards Truth and togetherness. Please accept my
forgiveness. You are free to live and love for yourself. Forget everything I taught you.
Now, I am your humble servant.”

Mother Heart was quite taken aback by all of this information. She didn’t really know
what to do. It had been so long since she had the love and power to rule for herself. At
first, she sat very still, barely beating her drum at all. Then she tried cleaning. She tore
down parts of her wall and threw away some of her weapons but still she felt lost. But she
was determined to keep beating her drum even if it meant being sad and confused.
Then one day a great and powerful light broke through the sky in Corpus. In this light
flew a mighty bird. The bird spoke directly to Mother Heart.

“Dear lady. you need not be sad or confused anymore for in you is the beautiful song of
heaven. You are the love and light of the Universe to and from which all things flow.
Shine with the Divine and bestow your gifts upon anyone who enters your world for you
are they and they are you. There is no need for weapons or walls - you are protected by
the light of your soul; and the soul contains all the power of the Universe. So go forth and

From that day forward Mother Heart glowed brightly and beat her drum strong and true.
Occasionally she visited with Father Mind but only when he needed a place to rest his
weary head; he never tried to tell her what to again for he learned that love is the only
thing worth knowing in the Universe and that Mother Heart had all along.

The beginning.

by Chase Rogers

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