Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Mother

My Mother has beautiful faces
My Mother has sheltering wings
My Mother, so full of sweet grace is
when She holds me, and rocks me, and sings

My Mother, She smiles and She listens
My Mother, She fumes and She cries
My Mother, She toils and She glistens
stirs savory soups and bakes pies

My Mother has roots in the rich earth
Her crown’s in the Heavens above
My Mother has power, She gives birth
to Wisdom and Wonder and Love

My Mother, She lifts me and carries
me gently upon Her great wings
and beneath them, She warmly enfolds me
through the storms and the trials life brings

My Mother has beautiful faces
My Mother has names, vast and dear
She lives in all times and all places
and to those who cry out, She draws near

And so, I sing LOVE to my Mother
May it ring through the earth, sky, and sea
May LOVE rest on all those who love Her
and all those who have been Her to me


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