Friday, April 4, 2014

Joan Chittister: God Doesn’t Want to Hold Women Back — and Never Did

"Now little girls around the world learn about women doctors and female astronauts. And most of all, little girls learn that sexual abuse is not their predetermined lot in life, that cliterodectomy is not God’s will for them, that to be kept out of the decision-making process in organizations whose laws affect their lives is wrong, that to be paid less than a man is paid for doing the same work is a gross injustice in a world where bread and milk and gas costs a woman exactly what it does for a man.

Still, to this day, according to UNIFEM, women are two-thirds of the hungry of the world; women are two-thirds of the illiterate of the world; and women are two-thirds of the poorest of the poor. That cannot be an accident; that is a policy. Someone somewhere is still deciding that women need less, that women deserve less, and that God wants women to have less and be less and count less than men.

In an evolutionary world, in a world where God spewed the universe with the components of life and where God companions us as we work to bring that life to fullness, in a world where free will really counts, where everything we do changes the world, no religion can any longer rationalize its justification of injustice in the name of God.

It’s time for religions everywhere to become truly religious."

-Joan Chittister

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Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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