Monday, April 21, 2014

"Give it To the Mother" And why I have chosen something else. My personal work for Earth Day. By Bridget Robertson

As someone who practices an earth based religion and all of Her cycles I was taught to give excess energy and negative energy to the Earth. "Mama can handle it" was almost a mantra from those I once practiced along side. 

About 1992 I stopped sending my energy into the Earth. I don't remember who said it first but suddenly their were voices saying to stop! The Mother has more than enough to handle. And I agree! 

We are not children, we are adults. Our relationship with Her must change as relationships between daughters and mothers do when daughters become adults. As an activist working to stop climate change, keeping species of animals and plants from extinction, I know how much is being inflicted on our Mother. Her blood is pulled from not just underground but, extracted to form some of the dirtiest oil on the planet. Tar Sands.  The air is polluted. Waters are contaminated. Rain forests are disappearing at alarming rates, taking with them species of plants and animals who's intrinsic value is unexplored. We still have too many silos with enough atomic force to end most life on our Home. She has a lot going on.

Anything that has come my way as excess or negative has been passing through fire. Usually olive oil candles, though I do like an occasional camp fire. This isn't trivial. Sometimes it's a lot of energy. And there a lot of humans who routinely ground their energy into Her. What adult would expect their mother to keep taking on all of our baggage? No one would. Not purposely. Fire is less comforting. It transmutes. That energy rebirths as neutral energy available FOR HER, if She wants it. And isn't that the way most working adult relationships go?  My support and love is offered, not inflicted. And my pain is only shared when asked. I have heard no call from Her,  other than to stop the very real dangers She is facing. 

So along with not buying plastic, driving less ( not an easy task in Texas), recycling everything we can, using water very carefully,  buying local food joining environmental  and animal protests and movements, my personal energy is no longer being foisted upon Her. It's about respect and love. I want generations of children who come after me to revel in Her world. This Earth Day, I ask you to join me. We have other ways to handle ourselves. Let's give Mama a much deserved rest from our daily dirt. 

Bridget Robertson

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