Saturday, March 22, 2014

A piece of my Peace

I wrote a book last year, an ebook about the stillbirth of my son, Samuel Isaiah in 2009. The peace that I finally experienced after releasing my feelings in this book would be just one step of many to becoming the woman I needed to become. I had to find out more about myself, I had to go inside my soul and find out how I could go on, even after this monumental loss. I would have never even imagined the direction my life would go. As I began to embrace myself, imperfections, faults, yet beauty and strength too, my path became clearer. I had to relinquish all the things that I thought were resonating with my spirit, but in truth had expired long ago. I needed more, I desired more, and I found more clarity about why this happened. This experience would be the catalyst for digging deeper into my spirit and I wanted to share the link to my book on this beautiful blog, may the circle continue to widen!

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-Gemini Eyes

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  1. Hugs and love to this Mom and finding peace. XOXOX