Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My heart has such a station that it lies in Your hand?


“I saw God on the streets of the hidden, carrying something in her hand. 

"My God, “ I asked. “What is this?” 

She said, “Your heart.” 

I said, “My heart has such a station that it lies in Your hand?" 

She gazed at the heart, and it was like something folded up, so She began to spread it out, and out, and out. When She had finished, It covered all of the space from the Throne to the footstool, highest heaven to the core of the earth. 

I said, “This is my heart?” 

God said, “This is your heart, and it is the vastest thing in existence.” 

I said, “Where are you taking it?" 

She said, “To the world of eternity, that  I may look in it, and create the wonders of reality in it, and forever manifest myself in it with the attribute of divinity.” 

– The Unveiling of Secrets, Ruzbihan Baqli, revised to reflect God as female.

Artist unknown

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