Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The misrepresentation of God

The misrepresentation of God as strictly male has wounded women in every area of their lives.

Women are raped, abused, molested, trafficked and prostituted because the desires of men (AKA God) are prioritized over the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual needs of women and girls. The misrepresentation of God as male ensures that women and girls will always be considered last.

The images of God as
“Father” and "Savior" are the foundations that patriarchy and misogyny are built upon.

~Trista Hendren

Illustration by Elisabeth Slettnes

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  1. How about a god with no gender? Or, two gods of different gender with equal powers and abilities..... both can produce children and both have equal respect for each other. Would this be a better image of the divine?