Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Song of the Ancient Grandmothers Awakening

Children dancing in time 
We have not forgotten 
The voices of the Ancient Ones 
Are with you everyday 

Spinning and creating life
You soar into the future 
The Golden Door has opened 
Into another age 

We come with you
The voices in the trees 
As are your Ancient Grandmothers 
The rocks, the winds, the sea 
Sing our healing chants 

We sing inside of the Earth 
We sing inside of your wombs 
As the Fifth World turns to harmony 
And the balance of love is restored 

The Ancient Ones have returned 
Our messages are clear 
For each of our daughters 
Is a precious jewel 
Carrying forth magick into the new world. 

Songs of Bleeding by Spider

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes 

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