Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our First Book Reviews are in!

Amazing Read for Anyone Young or Old
This is a great book for anyone!! It really captures the spirit of the feminine in spirituality, as well as the feminine and spiritual connection to the Earth and environmentalism. The illustrations are just gorgeous!

Wonderful Book to Pass On to Your Daughters
I own Trista's previous book, "The Girl God", and I wasn't sure if this would hold up to the very high bar she set before. I was completely wrong! I actually may like "Mother Earth" more. It has the same lovely illustrations by Elisabeth Slettnes. It has wonderful, carefully chosen quotes throughout--basically with each illustration. I love the link between how the daughter treats the Mom, and how we treat the Earth. It actually reminded me more of the divine feminine, our first mother, than her first book. It made me more conscious of the little choices I make and how they not only impact the Earth, but also impact my relationship with the Divine.

It will be a treasure…to pass down from mother to daughter…and to granddaughter…and so on. I have the kindle version, but will order a "real" copy as well.

Highly highly recommended. 

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