Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I am Goddess

"Crawling on her knees tattered and torn, bedraggled and broken by years of conditioning, abused and being knocked down. Believing her worth was only in what she was told and how she was treated. Full of self loathing and anger she kept crawling. It would be easier to curl up and hide in the cave she had visited in her darkest of days...but within her was a deep and long knowing, a small, small voice which like a flicker from a flame warmed her heart and soul when those darkest hours came upon her...and she knew there was more.

More for her to claim as her own...she crawled and came upon a pond of clear cool water and saw her own reflection. Not just the lined and tear stained face and broken flesh but beyond that face and flesh she knew was more ..... she asked the question "Who am I".... for the first time in her life came a deep well of love, divine love starting as but a drop from the brokenness of her heart. One drop of love gathered more drops from her spirit and soul until she stood up face to the heavens, strengthened now with arms outstretched and SCREAMED.... I AM WORTHY, I MATTER..... I AM WOMAN......I AM GODDESS.

Ripping off the rags of disdain and anger and hate and all that she had been dragged through throwing herself headfirst into the cool clear cleansing waters of the pond..... She arose naked in all her feminine glory knowing herself for the first time... offering herself to the goddess within... such a sweet surrender. She was free, free for the first time in her life knowing she was enough."

By Cheryl Field

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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