Monday, October 7, 2013

Mother of all

Long, long in the past, far, far in the future
At that point before the beginning, after the end,
Where the time and space do not exist,
Where all the colours and forms are lost in the blackness of void,
There was a heavy vast silence,
A profound eternal motionlessness,
And nothingness and everything were the same.
And then Evrynome, Gaia, Goddess of a thousand names,
Mother of all,
And the sound of her breath echoed pleasingly her her ears.
As if it were foreseeing
And yet as if it were remembrance,
She heard summer breezes ruffling tall green grasses,
And winter hurricanes howling through deep valleys,
And the pounding of the sea,
And the calling voices of all creation.
And so Everynome, Gaia, Goddess of a thousand names,
Mother of all,
Pursed her lips and whistled for the wind.
Then slowly, smoothly, with perfect sensuality
She rose up from the timeless bed of her infinite rest
And caught up the wind
In her cupped hands,
In her streaming hair,
In the billows of her skirts,
And in the warm secret places of her body,
And she danced.
She danced delicately, she danced frenziedly,
She danced in staccato rhythm and liquid movement,
She danced with pure precision and orgiastic abandon,
She danced gloriously,
She danced holding the wind in her close embrace,
She danced the love and the joy of creation.
She danced and she danced.
And from the arch of her foot leapt the circles of time,
And from the curve of her spine, the spirals of life,
Day and night,
Black and white,
Birth, death, resurrection.
And as ecstasy grew, as the beat increased,
The wind blew wild and her belly swelled round.
And from the rivers of her sweat, oceans flowed,
And with each heave of her breast, mountains rose.
And when she threw back her hair and opened her hands,
Life teemed around her and harmony reigned.
Creation now danced in her perfect time
And she smiled.

~Christine Lavdas

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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