Sunday, October 13, 2013

Images of God

There are no strangers,
only mirrors,
only friends and enemies in waiting:
Images of God
in various states of disrepair.

Ruth Calder Murphy

Ruth writes: "Wherever we are, we encounter other people. For myself, since living on the edge of a big city, I encounter more people than ever – and most of them, only in passing, a brief, almost non-existent contact, as we pass on opposite sides of the street or sit on opposite sides of the underground train before going our separate ways.

It’s tempting to never think about all these people – and sometimes necessary not to think too much, for the sake of getting anything else done - but, when I do think, when I allow a moment to consider that each of these people is soul, with a life, with successes and failures, hopes and dreams, anxieties, anticipations, loved ones and enemies, I realise how precious we – they - all are. I realise that, even amongst these brief encounters, there are no absolute strangers. In each one of them, even if I don’t see it, is the same spark, the same Divinity. We are siblings in one family, each one of us imaging the same Source."

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