Thursday, October 17, 2013

I was talking to the Girl God inside me

"So, I had to tell you. Emerson came home tonight for her week at my house. I downloaded the e-book version of The Girl God during her last week here. We got about 3/4 through but then guests arrived and we never finished or had a chance to discuss it ... so I wasn't sure what even landed.

Tonight, Em and I were at dinner and she says to me: "Mom, the other night, I was talking to myself. I was talking to the Girl God inside me." And so we chatted about that for a few moments. And she said "I think my Girl God is there to help look out for me. And my job is to help look out for her."

And then we had a great conversation about how if we are girls with a Girl God inside us, we should carry ourselves as such, treat ourselves as such: with kindness, and strength, and love, and joy, and confidence.

As I walked out of her room tonight after tucking her in she said to me: "Hey mom, I have a challenge for us tonight. I think tonight we should BOTH talk to our Girl Gods before we go to bed." ... I said "You're on! I promise I'll talk to mine tonight, too."

Wow. I guess your book really resonated with her!"

~Cris Gladly

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