Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"This book is a must for our daughters" - Christy Turlington

I was excited to see this tweet from the amazing Christy Turlington, who is a Sher-roe in her own right!

Earlier this year, her amazing organization, Every Mother Counts reviewed The Girl God.

"The Girl God, published in November 2012, tells the story of Trista and her daughter’s search for the feminine in spirituality in one of the most beautiful children’s books we’ve seen. Illustrated by artist Elisabeth Slettnes whose oil and acrylic paintings grace every page (and give you something new to discover with every reading), the book is infused with poetry, quotes and spiritual texts from some of the greatest voices of all time. Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Roosevelt, bell hooks, Gandhi and Rumi and others add their timeless wisdom to a story many mothers strive to tell their daughters about finding themselves in religion, but don’t know how."

You can read the review of The Girl God by Every Mother Counts here.

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