Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pure Vision: The most intriguing book I've read all year!

I was fascinated by Pure Vision's proposal for peace in the Middle East and the world at large. This well-written manifesto is a page-turner. I read the entire 575 pages in 3 days.

"Pure Vision is a novel that poses a challenging resolution to the Middle East crisis — the internationalization of the old city of Jerusalem. The proposal, provocative and controversial, displaces the habitual pattern of aggression and retaliation commonly adhered to by political and military leaders. Instead it poses a question: Where are women in the peace process? What role do they have to play? And how is subjugation and violence against women around the globe directly connected to further violence and disturbance, creating a more dangerous world environment.

Provocative and inspiring, Pure Vision asserts a leap is necessary. The novel encourages a closer look at the spiritual forces infusing the world’s political battles."

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